Monthly Economic Commentary and Indicators

for Mortgage Industry Third Party Origination Professionals

April 2020

The April 2020 Mortgage Economic Review summarizes recent Key Economic Indicators, Data, and Events that are important to Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals.

This Newsletter is a summary of Economic Data and Events that affect the Mortgage Business, but March 2020 was different. There was only one event that mattered: Covid19. Everything else paled. March 2020 and the start of the Covid19 Pandemic is a month that will be etched into the history books. Historic events are pivotal. Things are not the same afterward – but it will end, we will recover, with a new normal.

Most of the data below was released in March 2020 and reveals Economic activity during February 2020. This data is too early to reflect Covid19’s damage, but is very relevant. It portrays a very healthy US Economy with a robust Labor Market, low Inflation, low Interest Rates, and a strong Consumer – before being infected with the Cononavirus. Healthy Economies, like healthy people, recover faster when they get the right treatments. To treat this disease, the Fed and Washington, immediately provided massive Monetary and Fiscal support. The Fed held emergency meetings to swiftly provide copious liquidity to support the financial markets. The US Government moved with uncharacteristic speed to pass a stimulus package providing financial support for people and businesses. That quick response and intense action boost the odds for a fast recovery.

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